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Campaigns in Social Media, are processes of promotion of companies to achieve their goals and obtain the best returns. For the success of our social media campaigns we must conduct market research and appropriate media to publicize our brand, attract, attract potential customers and obtain more sales. And most importantly, to clearly define our strategies, goals or objectives


More than 20 years of experience in graphic design will help you get the best visual communication for each of your needs. Among our services we offer:

  • Design of Custom Logos.
  • Flyers or printable pamphlets.
  • Brochures and triptychs.
  • Postcards.
  • Invitations
  • Business cards.

Advertising Videos for Social Networks:

All our projects include:

  • Advertising videos for social networks.
  • Notifications via email.
  • Lyric Video .
  • Commercials Video
  • Intros


Before starting the diffusion process, a market study will be carried out where the most relevant networks will be defined during the campaign, as well as the advertising payment budget that will be recommended to allocate.

The initial study has a cost of 240 USD, and during this, several proposals of what could be the campaign will be created. These proposals could include part of graphic design, audiovisual or editorial depending on the case. Subsequently we will proceed to hire native advertising tools and statistical analysis of the main social networks that could influence the brand over a period of a week, seeking to identify the reaction of the public selected by the client (age range, social class, location , interests).

 The conclusion of this study will be presented to the client, along with the publication strategy to start the brand's campaign. Services include

 ✓ Market Study and Personalized Advertising Campaign.

 ✓ Graphic design and personalized animations to be used in social networks.

 ✓ Generation of content in Blogs and Social Networks. ✓ Use of native tools for brand positioning, looking for the call to action (CTA).